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26 Capsules Account

This League of Legends account is level 30 and contains approximately 26 Champion Capsules. The lol account comes with unverified e-mail, it means that you can change e-mail address and password to your preferred. Unranked in All Seasons, Unverified, Cheap – this is simply a perfect smurf

Diamond Accounts

If you are tired of playing with your teammates that ruin your games and doesn’t let you to shine you can try yourself in Diamond Elo, our Master Tier Boosters provide quality high elo accounts for our customers for the best price, they are also unverified.

Blue Essence Accounts

If you are about to get all your main champions without any exception, then your choice is 20,000 or 30,000 Blue Essence Lol Account. It has enough to purchase Ranked Ready champions and your main ones at the same time, thanks to a huge amount of Blue Essence that we provide for the cheap price.

customer reviews


FANTASTIC SERVICE! Low prices high quality thanks cya

Carlos, FEB 20

thank u for a great support and account also has even more IP than your shop promises…awesome thanks

Emily, AUG 7

I received what i ordered, absolutely correct delivery. It was my first purchased account but i will buy another smurfs from this site. Tyvm

Diego, FEB 11

You get the account immediately. I’ve never had one banned although I’ve purchased about 6 so far. Simple, easy, quick, and secure.

Troy, SEP 31

A little bit upset with login name/summoner name, is difficult to remember. Everything else was good.

Steven, JAN 15

Got me my smurf instantly and it even came with a bonus amount of be than what i payed for which was amazing