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26 Capsules Account

This League of Legends account is level 30 and contains approximately 26 Champion Capsules. The lol account comes with unverified e-mail, it means that you can change e-mail address and password to your preferred. Unranked in All Seasons, Unverified, Cheap – this is simply a perfect smurf

Diamond Accounts

If you are tired of playing with your teammates that ruin your games you can try yourself in Diamond. We provide High Elo League of Legends accounts boosted by our Master Players. They are also Unverified, you will be able to change email address.

Blue Essence Accounts

If you are about to get all your main champions without any exception, then your choice is 20,000 or 30,000 Blue Essence Lol Account. It has enough to purchase Ranked Ready champions and your main ones at the same time, thanks to a huge amount of Blue Essence that we provide for the cheap price.


Fastest way to get a level 30 smurf account. Agreed. Now I can play again thanks to smurf-accounts xD

Melodie / EUW 20+ Champs

This service is amazing, you can really receive it INSTANTLY! I picked euw platinum 5, freaking 100% winrate baby =D. They give a coupon code for a next purchase for free lel

Adis / EUW Platinum V

Excellent work. I purchased my third lol account on smurf-accounts.com, using a coupon code its even cheaper, since each account is hand leveled I am not even scared continue buying from them and reselling them on ebay with high elo ^^

Akscha / EUW 26 Capsules

So fast premium support. Contacted the support, because my account wasnt in e mail folder and when i told the support guy he said i should check spam folder. When i refresh my spam folder i found it there.

Joe / EUW 36 Capsules

Fantastic support, i get my acc in few second because this site have best support team.

Karanam / EUW 20,000 BE

To be honest, that was easier than I thought, not scammed, the account is real, delivery was instant as it is described, can’t even talk about the service, its simply good, thanks.

Robert / EUW 30+ Champs