Why Gamers Create A Smurf Account?

why gamers create smurfing accounts

In the world of online gaming, ranking the gamer’s character is crucial. Yet there is also this online gaming secret that everyone knows about, and this is called “smurfing”.

Basically, a smurf account is a type of account created for less experienced gamers. Sometimes, highly ranked gamers create an account profile of low rank and play with this account despite reaching a high rank from another character.

And if you’re interested to know more about this, then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to tackle more about smurf accounts and the practice of creating such accounts in online gaming.


Origin Of The Term

origin of smurfing

There are many ways to define smurfing, but the most common of which is the process of creating a secondary account (most of the time, with a lower rank than the primary account) so that the player can play against weaker opponents.

The origin of the term can be traced back in 1996 when a small but dedicated group of Warcraft gamers were playing the game online. The game was not known to support online multiplayer games at that time, so the gamers have to use and configure a software called Kali, a program that allows them to use Transmission Control Protocol & Internet Protocol (TCPIP) to simulate a Local Area Network (LAN) environment.

It was also in this time when two of the dedicated players of the game, Geoff “Shlongor” Frazier and Greg “Warp” Boyko were so good at playing the games that other gamers avoid playing against them. So in order to find opposition, they’ve both decided to create secondary accounts under the names of Papasmurf and Smurfette.

They both assumed the identity of other players in order to fool other opponents and give an idea that they sucked at playing Warcraft 2. And they made up these names to play with other gamer’s minds, only to beat them up in the end. Both had admitted that their actions might seem a bit childish, but they also admitted that it was really fun.


Eventually, other Warcraft 2 gamers have begun suspecting the true identity of these secondary accounts until Papasmurf and Smurfette had found themselves in a game against a promising upstart under the name of “Spider-Man”. Little did they know that this was also a secondary account created by a seasoned gamer named “Zima”. And even if Papasmurf (Frazier) was beaten early in the game, Smurfette (Boyko) still managed to snatch the win over Spider-Man and finished the job of the ever-dominant smurfing duo.

In time, the practice of creating a smurf account has gone way beyond Warcraft 2 for it is also used in other popular games like LOL (League Of Legends), DOTA (Defense Of The Ancients), Mobile Legends, and even COC (Clash Of Clans).

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Reasons Why Players Do Smurfing?

Here are some of the common reasons why some gamers do the practice of smurfing:


  1. High Ranking Players Can Get To Play With Their Peers Who Have Low Ranks – While some players want to toy around with other opponents, other gamers do smurfing to play with their friends who have low-rank accounts. They do this so they all enjoy playing the game together because low rank accounts cannot play with players who have high-rank accounts.
  2. A Way To Try Out Unconventional Gaming Strategies – Seasoned players also create a smurf account as a way of testing new gaming strategies without possibly affecting the rank of their primary account. That way, they can see which new strategy (ies) will work and which ones’ not and use it as they play with their high-rank accounts to beat other high ranking gamers.
  3. Already Fed Up Playing Against Other Players Of The Same Rank – At some point, some veterans of the game grew tired of players with similar rank or level. So they create a secondary account to play with rookies or less experienced gamers to rediscover the fun of playing the game.


reasons for smurfing

  1. Stopping Newbie Players From Ranking – Experienced players often resort into smurfing for the pleasure of stopping newbies from developing even further in the game in terms of experience. This is the reason why some experts in the gaming community label it as a controversial practice.
  2. A Way To Establish A Gamer’s Dominance In The Game – Some hardened gamers would also want to beat up many weaker players (or in other words, go for 30-0 in a single game). That’s why they resort to smurfing.
  3. Troll Games – And lastly, some pro players do smurfing just to simply troll a game and make fun of other players in a wrong way.

As previously mentioned, some experts in various gaming communities have weighed their views on the issue due to the controversial nature of smurfing. But nonetheless, the practice of smurfing has become more prevalent these days regardless of the reasons why it’s being used.


Smurfing Ethics

smurf ethics

Honestly speaking, smurfing is not bad. It just happened that some gamers use it in unscrupulous ways for the sake of fun to the point of causing disadvantage to other gamers. That’s why most experts consider it a bad practice.

But the truth is smurfing is like a gun, it can do good or harm depending on how you use it.

So basically what we’re trying to say is that gamers should stop using smurf accounts in such a way that it would cause harm to others as some of the negative reasons mentioned above. The essence of playing online games is to provide fun and entertainment, but not to the extent of toying with low rank gamers or impeding their account’s ability to develop because these can also be considered as a disrespectful act to the game itself.

Instead, gamers who create a smurf account should focus on the things that allow you as well as other gamers to be more productive in playing such as the positive reasons indicated above. And if this is done, then good clean fun will be achieved for the benefit of everybody.

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