Playing League of Legends? Here’s How to Level Up to 30 FAST in 2020

Because life in LoL begins at level 30.

League of Legends is one of the most popular PC games in the last decade, played by a LOT of people worldwide. With over 100 million active players per month and eight million concurrent peak players a day, LoL has a massive following loyal to the core. Getting started is easy: all you need to do is make an account on the League site and download the game client. You can start at level zero and level up, or buy a level 30 smurf account from us to play ranked games immediately.

What’s The Big Deal With Level 30?

The real fun in playing League of Legends starts when you hit level 30 in the game. Think of it as an all-access pass to the good stuff, and in League 2020, the good stuff is playing in ranked matches with other ranked players. With a game this big, there’s always a chance you know people who play LoL with a passion and would like to join the fun. The only problem is, if all your friends have level 30 accounts or higher and you don’t, you won’t be able to play with them.

While plenty of players enjoy grinding it out, playing to level up is very time-consuming and can be frustrating at times. Why? Because when you play PVP or Co-op vs. bots with other players, things don’t always work out as planned.

How Long Does it Take To Reach Level 30 in League of Legends?

A long time. You’d have to work your way up the proverbial ladder from scratch to reach the threshold for ranked games.

To break it down a bit further:

  • You need 40,080 experience points (EXP or XP) to reach level 30, but the mileage varies for each player.
  • Co-op bot matches give 90 XP and can run anywhere from eight to 20 minutes on average.
  • Standard PVP matches can last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, with the winning team getting more experience points.
  • For instance, a PVP game that lasts 30 minutes gives the winners 204 XP and the losers 167 XP. Winning a 15-minute match can award players as much as 500 XP.

To get an idea of how long it takes to reach level 30 in League of Legends, let’s take a smurf account that only goes up against bots. Assuming all matches last 20 minutes and grants 90 XP, it takes 8,906 minutes or 6.18 days of playing LoL non-stop to reach level 30, queuing NOT included. You’re not going to play LoL and try to level for six straight days, right?

So, realistically, if you only had three hours a day to play, it’s going to take around five months to reach level 30 if you include Sundays.

What’s The Fastest Way to Level 30 in LoL 2020?

Buying a level 30 smurf account is still the fastest way to start playing ranked matches with your mates. However, there are several other ways to reach level 30 quickly.

Play Normal PvP Games.

Playing with other players gives you more experience points than bot games, but it comes with a few downsides. One of them is your winning percentage taking a hit. Most average players lose 50% of the time when playing PvP on their way to level 30, versus winning all the time when fighting bots. Without XP boosts, you’re likely going to add an extra 100 hours of playtime.

The other downside is terrible players. Factors like skill level, computer specs, internet speed, and commitment to gaming are things that you can’t control. Even if you’re pushing hard, your teammates may not, or one goes AFK all of a sudden, leaving your team one less player, and you lose the match. You can always go solo and play with bots on a custom map, but that will get boring quickly.

Play Against Bots.

One surefire way to reach level 30 without the headache of playing with terrible players in LoL and constantly losing, is to play bot matches. Bots are easier to crush in battle, and you’ll probably win 100% of the time, but the XP gain from winning a bot match is lower than a regular game. Plus, players get more XP for winning matches faster.

Please note that XP rewards are only eligible for games that last for at least seven minutes (minimum), so don’t be too quick to beat the bots into submission. However, repeatedly dominating the game’s AI can get boring fast. If you like repetition and hate losing, then fighting bots is what you should do. XP boosts work in this mode, but you’re still looking at 150 hours of playing.

Daily Missions Extra XP.

Once you reach level 15, you are eligible to get bonus EXP for completing Daily Missions like “First Win of the Day,” which rewards you with 400 XP and 50 BE.

Pay For Account Boosting Services.

If you don’t have time and have money to burn, you can hire an LoL account booster. Boosting can be expensive, especially if you want more done to your account other than leveling it up to 30. Another downside to this method is you can’t entrust your account with just anybody. The account booster must be well-known in the community as trustworthy.

Using Experience Boosts.

There are two types of XP boosts in League of Legends that you can combine to help speed things up:

  • Experience Boosts (Wins) – gives you bonus EXP for winning but nothing when you lose. The best value boost deal from the store costs 2240RP for 40 wins. You’ll need more than one of these before hitting level 30.
  • Experience Boost (Duration) – gives you bonus EXP for a specific number of games, whether you win or lose. The best value boost deal from the store costs 1020RP and is suitable for seven days. You’ll need more than one of these if you want to reach level 30.

While XP boosts are great, these cost Riot Points. Plus, you’d still need to grind out more than a hundred hours of playtime, even with the boosts enabled and giving you bonus EXP. When it comes to time and cost, the fastest way to get your hands on a level 30 account in LoL is to buy one.

We have hundreds of level 30 smurf accounts leveled by real players, and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee for your peace of mind.

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