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Are you a Youtuber who makes League of Legends videos and you are in search of a sponsorship? Are you an account supplier who provides lol accounts with champions or high elo ranks? Maybe you are a twitch streamer that would love to work with us as a team? You have reached the right destination.

Our online store is always opened for new ideas and sponsorship, we would love to check your application form and contact you back no matter who you are. We would love to give a try and work together as a team with benefits to each side. Please, fill the application form and you will be contacted by our support staff the same day.

Keep in mind, if you are as informative as it is possible, that would help us a lot, if you are a booster, please, mention your main elo and account name, also if you are an account supplier, please leave your best deals in the appropriate field. For Youtubers and others, it would be great if you left a recommended price for the advert in a single video. We will check your application form as fast as we can.